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Welcome to DELTA

DELTA SOUNDWORKS was founded in 2016 by two passionate sound engineers in the Rhein-Neckar Delta region of Germany. We aim to combine our experience in the production of award winning sound design and music to offer a one stop service for all sound needs.

At DELTA SOUNDWORKS, we are excited to explore the advancing playground of Virtual Reality formats. Our deep knowledge in 3D Audio techniques such as ambisonics and binaural audio sets us apart in the market.

We offer tailored workflows for productions of all sizes including Feature Films, TV, Documentary Films, Advertisements, Games and Installations.


Our Services


Capturing good source material is an essential part of the audio production chain. We rely on high-end location and studio equipment and a team of experienced sound engineers to provide you with high quality recordings.

Sound Design

A meaningful soundtrack is as important as the visual experience. Our team of sound designers enjoy manipulating sounds to create a soundscape that will bring your production to life.

Music Scoring

Our team of music composers has a vast experience in the production of soundtracks that will carry just the right emotion to your audience.


Our workflow combines new technology with new mixing techniques to create a unique audio experience. We provide final mixes in a vast majority of formats including Stereo, Surround (5.1 up to 11.1) , Ambisonics (up to 7th order) and Binaural.

3D Sound

We create immersive audio experiences for Virtual Reality and Full-Dome applications with the use of an object based workflow and higher-order Ambisonics.


We offer script integration for interactive experiences, including the implementation of spatial audio into diverse platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine.


We strongly believe that post-production begins the first day of production. From initial planning to finished product, we offer personalized consulting for your creative vision. 

R & D

Sound production is comprised of conventions and innovations. For software and hardware developers, we offer a link between technology and the creative process.


+49 6224 9897900
Schneidmühlstr. 25
69207 Sandhausen

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