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Capturing good source material is an essential part of the audio production chain. We rely on high-end location and studio equipment and a team of experienced sound engineers to provide you with high quality recordings.

Sound Design

A meaningful soundtrack is as important as the visual experience. Our team of sound designers enjoy manipulating sounds to create a soundscape that will bring your production to life.

Music Scoring

Our team of music composers has a vast experience in the production of soundtracks that will carry just the right emotion to your audience.


Our workflow combines new technology with new mixing techniques to create a unique audio experience. We provide final mixes in a vast majority of formats including Stereo, Surround (5.1 up to 11.1) , Ambisonics (up to 7th order) and Binaural.

3D Sound

We create immersive audio experiences for Virtual Reality and Full-Dome applications with the use of an object based workflow and higher-order Ambisonics.


We offer script integration for interactive experiences, including the implementation of spatial audio into diverse platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine.


We strongly believe that post-production begins the first day of production. From initial planning to finished product, we offer personalized consulting for your creative vision. 

R & D

Sound production is comprised of conventions and innovations. For software and hardware developers, we offer a link between technology and the creative process.